Anonymity & Confidentiality

This page was revised on 14th September 2023 | Version 1.1


The purpose of this web page is to provide information on anonymity and confidentiality, and demonstrate how great{with}talent protects the answers you provide when completing our questionnaire(s) and when providing results back to the requesting organisation.

Data Collection & Feedback


The answers given in our questionnaires are anonymous; this means that your results are not reported back in any way that identifies you. Everyone’s results are combined into group reports helping the requesting organisation to focus on common themes and trends in the data.

Common concerns raised by people completing great{with}talent questionnaires centre on how our questionnaire(s) can be anonymous when:

  • Personalised emails or texts are received and you are then asked details, for example, about the department in which you work, your job grade, your age or gender etc

  • great{with}talent knows you have not completed the questionnaire and know when you have.

  • great{with}talent may ask you for your first name, last name and job title before starting the questionnaire.

The important distinction to make is that whilst great{with}talent knows who you are (and when you completed the questionnaire), great{with}talent will not report back results to the requesting organisation at the individual level or at a level that could compromise your anonymity. Your data is protected by our Privacy Notice.

Our Guarantees

When great{with}talent asks you to complete a questionnaire on behalf of an organisation you have to agree to our (or their) Privacy Statement, the second paragraph of which includes a declaration of anonymity:


great{with}talent will be processing the data given in the questionnaire you complete according to this important Privacy Notice. By completion of the questionnaire, you consent to our use of your personal information to the extent reasonably necessary to process your results on behalf of the organisation.

All responses will remain completely confidential and will not be reported back in any way that is identifiable by the organisation, unless we specifically ask your permission to do so.


great{with}talent are legally (and ethically) bound to you by the Privacy Statement to protect your anonymity. We also will not report back to the organisation on small group sizes (typically less than 5) which would compromise this.

As the Privacy Statement states above, we will only reveal your individual answers to the questionnaire to the organisation if we specifically ask your permission to do so - this would only be in the event that we receive a request for disclosure that we are obliged by law to comply with. This will normally be done in writing to you via email.

In addition to the Privacy Statement it is part of our contract and terms of service with the organisation that we will not release your individual responses without your permission.

If you have any questions regarding anonymity and confidentiality please contact us at